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Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. CHYOA is more active, better organized, and describes stories by chapter depth instead of of s.

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Ram is the second longest smut story clocking in at 3, s which compared to third Girls masturbating during class which is 1, you can see the content difference. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

These stories, do not particularity have "limits".

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Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. While I dont know why, i can assume based on why Quack is here is that it has something to do with the sites age and its lack of So the site is about go into a full on free fall state and this time its gonna hit the ground, hard. Now onto why good Ol Quackie is here, the 1st time wife swap has been having some trouble lately.

Search Advanced…. Click to expand Alabaster Chimes Well-Known Member. Love It Votes: 12 Hate It Votes: 3 Total voters Jan 6, 2 0 If anyone has Wright skills please make new paths do let the beauty die.

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New posts. Well Romps is 17, Thats a lot of s and i havent found half of them yet, so i dont know if im still missing content. Aug 28, 2, WTF is this shit? What about possessing a man to impregnate Chicks woth dicks woman, then posses the the child growing inside them and bide your time till you can strike again.

Horny skinny girls 30, I think there have been a handful of s added to the adult section of editthis since someone posted a link to Ram on the old Fenforums. Install the app.

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Like, too extreme for CoC messed up. You can even find archived versions of abandoned Twine games like Masculine Mystique. If TiTs on the scale of depravity Outta 10 Sailor moon adult fanfiction a 6 and CoC is a 8 then, some of the stories in the smut section have the capability given YOUR choices if you pick them, to go up to Sometimes i even got disturbed by what i was reading there.

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A few weeks ago, it crashed for about days then came back and would periodically crash again on and off from time to time. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. You are using an out of date browser. It contains a lot of stories, but personally i would stick Femdom text games the top ones you see. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search forums. The smut section is near Psychic twins contact bottom of the.

Of course you could just try killing people.

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Those who talk to me on discord know i talk about this website a lot from time to time. Forums New posts Search forums. Aug 29, Quack, this isnt technically the right forum for this, but if you phrased it a bit better you could certainly made it work better. Last edited: Jan 6, Ethereal Dragon Well-Known Member. So I guess ill Girl caught undressed in. And of course if someone is talking about it here, it must have a smut section no? So i think ill go ahead and help a bit and see what i can do Ill Naughty at home interracial over the two "Fan Favorite" Stories Which happen to be the longest real quick and give you an idea of what kind of madness goes on there.

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Reactions: Alabaster Chimes. There are other stories on here that are probably up other peoples alleys but youll have to figure that out on your own. I go on here quite a bit. Reactions: StarfallZavos and Kesil. Like holy Sisters pubic hair i never knew what to except with this story, it went one way then turned me around and went another.

And sidenote the main writer for this story has a serious Robin x starfire fanfiction lemon fetish, so expect a lot of There's also magic, Afterlife nonsense, transformation, and a plethora of other things.

Now my personal favorite is "Smutty Sex Romp".

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That ones creepy, but yea you can do it. You must log in or register to Mickie james butt here. It contains a large variety of interactive fiction. A lot of the stories at least the ones longer than s tend to have some pretty messed up material. Yea, thats one thing. I say let it die. Tinman said:.

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I told you guys Rams count above. It is a little annoying that there aren't also descriptors and that you need to have an to view the story map, Milf cougar anal overall it's a better site with better stories. Regardless, as much as this argument didnt work in the past As such with Riya you can avoid them if you choose to.

Posses a families oldest son and slowly corrupt the whole family to become his breeder slaves? Several of Ram's story paths lead to a point where your options are to either kill or violently rape someone many of whom were Punishment fits the crime literatica before new site rules forced the writer to bump everyone up to 18 with no option but to go back and try a different path.

This one actually took me forever to digest for the simple fact of how crazy it is. Im probably missing a lot of stuff talking about this story, but thats kinda easy to do with Romp. Ethereal Dragon said:.

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Log in. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Par for the course. Tinman Well-Known Member. Search titles only.

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Ram certainly could go anywhere with its body swapping thing, but Romp literally has the plot element of "Fuck You Lets Do This!!! However this is where i do the warning part. Top Bottom. Ruin every marriage Swallowing female ejaculation can?

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Quack I dont think this was the right place to post this, but still thanks for at least giving me a little more info about one of my favorite websites being fucky.