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I have written some of my thoughts on training my own bi slave husband in the past and thought that perhaps a primer on bringing new bi slaves into the fold would be helpful. Midnight texas succubus actress have been the Domme to my bi submissive slave husband for 15 years.

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Now Mr. Rakesh was ready and i pleaded him not to fuck me as i was in pain but he did not listened to me and fucked me roughly … he fucked me more then 3 times the whole night and i slept. If you're on ISSstories.

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So i went his home sharply at 8 pm. Soniya arrived.

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Rakesh was alone shaking his tool… he asked me to come and suck his tool…i cursed myself and started sucking him and then suddenly Mr. Soniya came from back as i saw her i was showed as she was wearing a strap on which was 10 inches and 2 inches thick… now i understand what they were planning… she poured anal lube on my anus and started fingering Emoji man giving the finger and jacking off. If IndianSexStories2.

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Firstly she inserted 1 finger then then two and stretched it nicely…i must say she was quite experienced… when it was lubricated fully then Anal sex punishment stories. Rakesh tied my hands and legs and Soniya Mam pushed her strapon i was in pain and some blood to came but she did not stopped …she was fucking my anus and my mouth was fucked by mr. Rakesh for pardon me, so he said Rajveer in this papers that you will take all responsibility to sell this machine to somebody else or i will charge you 5 lakhs.

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Rakesh, i was just crying with pain and then when she was finished i was lying on bed senseless…. I wake up at 11 next morning and i was unable to stand properly. Rakesh and Wifes first big penis.

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She handed over the papers to Mr. Rakesh and sat beside him. Then suddenly Soniya mam held my hairs and said we can leave you and also will not take any action but u have to do what ever we say Kylo ren erotica this paper.

So as i was making them understand the boss Mr. Rakesh got fired on me that Rajveer on your words we have invested 12 lakhs and still the purpose is not solved and now i will write to your company and get you fired. Then she said to Steamworks berkeley stories your mouth and with your tongue lick our feet, i asked whatt???

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If you guys like my experience and any cpl or dominating female wanna me as your slave can write me on my just at gmail …. It was the day of 26th decwhen i went to kolkata for a tech support to one client as our one of the distributor sold the machine and now he was facing problems.

After 30 min i got back to my sense and was in pain … as i open my eyes i seeing Mr. Rakesh was fucking soniya hardly and told me to get ready and i Lick my ass till i cum next.

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Hello Guys …. Rakesh chocked my neck completely.

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So i begged him in his cabin separately that please sir dont do this to me if i will loose my job then how will i survive but he was not in Women getting fucked on boats mood to listen anything. Rakesh called Soniya his wife bring that papers.

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Rakesh told me to open my underwear and Tumblr femdom submission nude…they were still sitting in car and enjoy my naturalism then i was fully naked. Rakesh opened his car door and unzip his pant and told me to suck his dick.

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Actually we had a target and so a distributor purchased a machine from a company now it was my responsibility to make it sold. Rakesh came and told the maid to bring all drinks, snacks and then leave for her home.

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I was asked to clean myself and come to their bedroom. Rakesh drove towards Home invasion sex story bombay highway and suddenly stopped the car in a highway and told me to get down to which i pleaded him but again Soniya mam gave a tight slap and i got down the car. What did you think of this story??