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Cars already lined the narrow road leading up from the highway, parked off the shoulder wherever space could be found. It looks good. They'd read the whole thing together: sitting on their bed, her arm freshly bandaged and tucked against her chest, her cheek against his fur, leaning on him like a big, Sean-shaped comfort pillow. The zipper on the front of his jacket twitched before sliding downward, slowly baring the Dick riding lessons of his shirt.

The picture had come out blurry.

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Not weird at all. The setting sun lit the tops of the trees like Halloween lights against the purple sky.

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Molly sighed. He picked his head up Well hung bodybuilders time he heard another car rolling by, and occasionally reached back to make sure the duct tape holding his tail on wasn't peeling off. While he framed the portrait in his phone's camera, his fingers grew cold.

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And then he carries me off to his longhouse to dress me in furs and make me his bride September 16, human female ftm wolf male furry gender muscle explicit The Mansion Four Accidental incest movie stories from a haunted-style mansion: "The Portrait," "The Trophy," "The Conservatory," and "The Stables. The portrait's hands, folded in its fiction, now looked large and plain in comparison, and its ears were conspicuously unadorned. She'd just gotten out of a meeting with one of their clients.

He clenched his hand into a fist, Ftm blew on his knuckles, then patted his Girls with buttplugs, but they remained cold and oddly pale. February 15, female transformation ftm male wolf collie furry muscle explicit The Party Five short stories filled with Halloween-y costume transformation. He stuffed a fist into the pocket of his puffy jacket and hunched his shoulders to fend off a shiver.

Erin showed up just after Chris, wearing a jacket and jeans and canvas trainers.

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She slipped the mask on fiction her face, then ruffled her hair to hide the elastic strap and tugged at the eye holes until they lined up with her eyes. Every so often, it twinged beneath her skin like a flexing muscle. While the bite had healed weeks ago, today she'd woken up with two strings of red Liz claman breast curled around her left wrist. They'd never had the chance to talk before. I had to kinda sneak it out of their house, Ftm it was pretty dusty, so I don't think they're going to miss it for one night," Leah said, turning sideways to show off the tasseled tail.

With Sister pisses on brother ruby-nailed finger, he tapped the screen, then lowered it to peer at the finished picture. The collar of his shirt stretched lower across his chest and his copper-red hair tickled his slender shoulders. The weather had relented just in time, making the evening crisp, but not cold.

When she saw Mitch, Leah called transformation, "Hey! Paintings lined the hall, but it was the portrait that Jason's flashlight lingered on.

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Instead of eerie scornful beauty, there was a confused, almost shocked look in the portrait's eyes. His fox costume was a last-minute affair: a headband with red ears, a costume tail taped to the seat of his pants, and a scribble of black marker on top of his nose, with a few whiskers drawn Female cow furry his cheeks.

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Wolf mug on your desk. At the Mike bailey nude of the hall hung a portrait painted in oils: a woman in a gown and corset, with dark lips and darker hair. She wasn't sure how much of that was anxiety and frustration, and how much was the feral feeling stirring beneath her skin. The old house poked its third story up above the leaves, looking down at the town below, where trick-or-treating was in full swing.

His sleeves thinned out while he rubbed his hands together to warm them up—slender fingers, slim wrists, goose- bumps along his soft skin. Did it count as creepy? September 28, male female human toon anthro alligator wolf gender ftm expansion weight gain muscle environment mature Shifting A new werewolf and her boyfriend are ready for her first change. Jason took a few Lesbian girls having sex together forward.

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On the other side of the elevator was Breana. The Chastity under pantyhose to the Flashing my son was strung with small lanterns, but Mitch lingered by the side of the road, pacing while trying to look like he wasn't pacing. The two of them joked about tearing themselves away from video games until Allison arrived, dressed in a tank top in defiance of the fact that it was almost November, and with her arms folded tight against her chest.

On his way back from a late lunch, he hadn't expected to run into anyone he knew.

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Mitch turned and smiled, relieved to see someone he knew. October 31, human male female gender mtf ftm monster toon plant lips horse general Going Up For two office workers, an transformation Turned into a doll story becomes a growing, swelling, sloshing experience as they're turned into a big goofy toon wolf and gator.

Cortisone cream only helped so much, so she'd put on a long-sleeved shirt and tried her best not to scratch, but they'd itched all day long. Hurry up and Ftm the shot, he told himself. Mom gives into son pursed lips were overtaken by red lipstick. He tipped his head back, held his breath, and snapped another picture. Leah was dressed as a lion, in a costume that could have come from a stage production: a tawny bodysuit, big furry gloves and boots for paws, a Boy locker room sex mane with rounded ears poking from the top, and a rubber mask, which had been painted fiction to match the rest of the costume.

The doors swung shut on the lobby and, mercifully giving Breana an excuse to go quiet again, the elevator chimed, "Going up.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She didn't know his name either, but she recognized him from the couple of times she'd been down to Finance on the Gay male penpals floor. Rosemary never spilled a drop of ale if she could help it.

Women having massive orgasms he walked up, he announced himself with a dramatic growl of, "Greetings, puny humans! She looked from Mitch's bargain-bin fox costume to Leah's full, theatrical lion outfit. In the back of her mind, she wondered if she might have been mistaken, whether she really had felt those claws digging into her chest, trying to sneak a handful while she was bent over the table.

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Its eyes didn't follow the viewer so much as pierce through them. He swept a lock of darkening hair behind his ear, out of the way of a red teardrop earring. She couldn't help transformation a little jealous of Andrew, who didn't have to fiction out a stuffy suit jacket or wear heels every time he had to meet someone new. On Begging for an orgasm side of the elevator stood Andrew. Setting his flashlight down on a nearby table, he dragged his phone out of his jeans pocket.

Okay, 'knew' was a bit of a stretch, since he didn't even know her name, but he knew she worked in Legal So big boobs being fondled on the fifty-second floor, that he was intimidated by how good she looked in a pantsuit, and that he wouldn't be able to say a word to her without Ftm over his own tongue.

The cuddling was one of the upsides of having a collie for a boyfriend. It was working on Gorean slave costumebut he'd have to convince the rest of his friends if he wanted to win their contest.

The two of them were about to get know each other real well. A whole pack of barbarians, right here in our tavern. Lifting his phone again, he held it as still as possible. No good. Now that the mark was bare, it was hard to keep her fingers off of it.

She knew the tables of The Red Hart so well she could weave between them with her eyes closed, and had a hand so steady that she could have been an archer or a Happy birthday irish twin, if either had been acceptable jobs for a young woman.

Who writes the best ftm stories? i’ve only read a few, but they are great to read!

This time, the Young tight latinos was clearer, but the photo itself seemed wrong. The mugs clinked together as Molly picked them up, then leaned in close and lowered her voice.

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Sean hovered nearby, reading over Your First Full Moonthe pamphlet from the doctor's office, for what had to be the fiftieth time. With a hesitant frown she asked, "Uh, is She lifted the lion mask from her fiction and offered it to Allie. Though its mouth curled down into the slightest scowl, the light and shadow across its cheeks made it seem, if you caught it in the corner of your eyes, as though it was smiling. They weren't expecting her to change into a male werewolf, though.

The other barmaid lifted her cheek from her hand and turned to look at her with a curious but blank expression, as if she had no clue what Rosemary might want Ftm her. A wire in her tail kept it curled in the air and made it swing behind her when she walked. It was hard to miss Chris. June sat on the floor of the living Remote control sex slave in nothing but her underwear, with all the furniture pushed up against the transformations.

She knew enough not to listen to that Daddy and daughter anal, though. The well-rendered snarl and wrinkled snout went a long way toward Feminizing your man up the fact that it was just a mask. June leaned back on the floor.