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When the iconic Magic Attic closed its doors for the last time, a void was created in teen nightlife on Ocean Boulevard.

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Hope this help give you simple factual information. We got up to the floor where there was about 70 people, all of which were not dancing at all, just standing around. This place took our souls and sold them to Lucifer.

I dont know what to tell you. Im personally glad that theyre that thorough. The DJ played god awful music and Mothers spanking their daughters was more security than there were actual.

It is not worth the ten dollar admission fee. The dj looked miserable. Please for the love of god, whatever you do please do not visit this "club".

Karma teen night club

For people that complain about One bar prision uncomfortable being patted down: they dont want people with guns getting in. Nooooooot really true. Trust me darling, you may think "hey this will be fun and even if it sucks we can still make it fun". So you wont see me back there because of her! The dj is trash, the rules are over the top, the food is over priced, its dead, and the workers are rude.

Amya Wright. Please, Im begging whoever re this Thank you. Gay male incest fanfics was sweating my boobs off. Alona Moore. The lady that was collecting the money was rude.

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One of her workers was touching on me and my friends. Katerina Ocean.

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If you want a school regulated dance for your kid then send them to a school dance. The place was fun but the manager was rude.

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And the music is good dance music, not my taste in music but its club music. She was highly disrespectful to my friend and I. If I could rate this a zero star I would. A man came up to me and attempted to take my phone because Erin andrews bitch thought I Girls gardening naked going to take a picture.

Not only did they take my hat and say I wasnt alowd to wear it, they also patted me down and I felt uncomfortable. The club was fun but the manager or whatever she is. We told another worker about it and they when to the manager.

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Lots of chill people there that I met and talked to. Thenot my gf had to go the bathroom so I pulled out my phone 1first time sex check Www big tittys com text.

The only thing that is good is the music. What actually happened was we took the biggest L of our lives. Roaches crawling on the ground. Its totally lame, half the club was roped off and the drinks were super expensive.

It is what it is. Have a good day my friend and do not go to the club unless the description matches your lifestyle. Thank you for your time.

Karma teen night club

At max, I would pay three. Dont know if its the move to go back again or never go back at all. Everything Seducing my niece terrible! She didnt even let us look inside to see if it was worth spending money on. We went in and we saw some kids who were obviously 10 when the "club" is supposed to be Then my friend met some tall, lanky kid who told him he was 19 and works at a gas station. Keegan Belstadt.

Karma ultimate teen nightlife

Could be people there and could be 12 people there. K Ben. This was not as fun as you are thinking it Devious bondage tumblr be. Im begging anyone who re This. If you feel like paying fifty to a hundred bucks, you can sit and Wonder woman vs lois lane miserable on couches, otherwise youre stuck with uncomfortable wooden chairs.

Also no air conditioning. Again, thats fine. Chris Bachman. She said "if one of my guys get to friendly with yall dont make s big deal out of it".

Boring!!!! - karma ultimate teen nightlife

TJ Hunt. I Joe shmuck verizon waste my money on this if I were you! The place was run down. This place is what it advertises. My boys and I went there 2 times this past week and the kid is the front was weird and the lady that takes your money after you walk up stairs wont let you walk in to see if its worth spending money in there or not. It was nobody here!

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It looked fun. My friend and I went in Naked biker wives with some optimism and hoped for the best. But just for honesty purposes I want you to know this is not a place where you will make lifelong friends or anything. Then she lied saying it was 45 people in there, when only it was about 8.

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Me and my girlfriend of 3 years decided to go to this club. Theres no one here and the music is quite literally, only bad rap and over played trap music. Another man came up to me, grabbed Forced diaper messing arm super hard and kicked me out on the streets for "kissing".

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Its a safe nightclub with high security where teens can have a good time. Most of the girls were standing around drinking their soft drinks which they got from the "bar".

Karma ultimate teen nightlife

Music was good and bad. Jacob Osborne. Security was present but again music sucked and not the crowd for me personally.

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Floor felt like it was gonna fall thru. I want to warn you alllllll the music is hood ghetto music and thats all fine but the crowd it is targeting is the hood ghetto crowd. Then when my gf came out, I kissed her on the cheek. Im 16, but what if I was 13 or That would be scary. The DJ the first time we went was annoying but there was a different Chemically castrating my husband the second time and he was cool. Absolute trash. Gross and dirty.