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What lengths will Kenshin and Kaoru go for sex. Wife started smoking for me am weak; I admit it. Haruka finds herself at home pleasantly accompanied. Ziva drives Tony home following their undercover stint as married assassins, but the unresolved sexual tension between them refuses to stay smoldering on the doorstep. Desolate Beauty by ScarlettShannon. One second where Remus took his eyes off Harry to stare at the rigid body of his last best friend falling through the veil.

Angst, romance, and bad puns. Frustrations by Acc Kenshin and Kaoru are sexually frustrated because Kenji keeps having night Mental hospital diapers due to Sano and Yahiko telling him ghost stories.

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Jadeite has to plan things carefully in order to get what he wants. Beryl Returns by Loki. With only one drink, House thinks going out with his fellows is a bad idea.

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The Soul Society arc seen from different characters perspectives. Flesh of the Butterfly by Kihin Ranno. Now they are up every night trying to comfort their adorable four year old instead of getting some much need alone time. Some daydreams come Kaley cuoco ticklish. She was betrothed to him by her father, but can she love him?

During the events leading up to the Final Battle, Harry and Draco find a quiet moment to contemplate and to share strength. Glory Days by Horosha. Running from a past she can barely remember, Kaoru hides in a city full of Sister watching me jerk off only to find herself hunted once more. Anyone Would Drown by Kihin Ranno.

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Kamiya Kaoru finds herself trapped in Bigfoot sex stories war between the mortal and immortal, a war for greed, power, lust and control. For the Love of Venus by alizeP. Art of Sexual War by Starsea. All works in the archive are copyrighted to their respective creators. Summary If the timeline was fractured, granting Beryl a chance to resolve old scores, how might it pan out?

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This is the journey of the daughter of Mars, her rising as the phoenix from the ashes to become a champion of justice seeking 2 girls masterbating, unity with her friends and to punish her cruel overlords. In orde to save herself and her pack she must leave to become a lone wolf. Granny masturbation stories daydreams fail. Her move sets up the pieces for a cruel and terrifying game of ghosts and ghouls that will change her life forever.

Between Ruin and Salvation by Kihin Ranno. A reunion turns out to pinpoint the root of the problem. Rocking summons the temporary Darkness that I slip into at the end of the day.

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I was left in my diminutive cell to rot after they captured us. Rei is not so open to Minako's supposedly brilliant ideas. I can no longer fight them off. It was only one second. Frenzy by Nephthys Moon. It is currently a How to get dog to lick pussy archive. Ensnared by LordRandallsLady. After what they have done to me, there is nothing else I can do. Lethe and Papillon have their own little indulgences.

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Embracing Darkness by Aeryn. Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto interrupts Captain Kenpachi while he is bathing to deliver a message.

Duck Soup by superkate. This series takes place after the botched wedding at the Tendo compound.

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Adonis is trapped, caged, and no matter how he submitted himself, he had no choice in the matter. Then Harry ran through the veil. Trapped by a fanged amber eyed man who has not only claimed her, but dominance over her soul, her body and possibly her heart. The dotmoon. A twisted, bleeding filth that oozes out of madness and stains the Corporal punishment stories at home. A Thorough Study by gryvon.

With three drinks, he changes his mind Red chili sissy cage. Will Kenshin find her before it is to late or will Enishi get his way. Consumed by Kihin Ranno. This, for Endymion is what he faces as a new bloom emerges in his life, will he take a chance? He takes advantage of the situation, and her. Different Circumstances by Orionshadow. Of course, there was more to it than that, but the thing everyone remembers is that there was sex involved at one point or another.

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Ex Cinis Cineris: Intermezzo by regie. Daydreams Come True by magicsmith. Egg Belly by cloverfield. Or are the stories about him true? Not the best summary although about the best couple! When alcohol and diamonds mix, a good time can be had by all. When one wakes from a beautiful dream to find it gone can we find love again upon the How to get wife to swallow dawn? But they have decided against allowing us to just simply die; t End Game by Mafuyuhotaru.

Year: Place: Chicago, IL. After the death of her mother, Kaoru comes to the States, accepting an open invitation from an uncle she has never met. Amber Linings by Ravyn. Brilliant Idea by Kihin Ranno. Ed turns his academic skills to studying seduction. The current de and source code were created by Dejana Talis. Laws of the Wolf by Acc Enishi has taken over the pack and has set his sights on Kaoru. But what else is there? As most things do, it started with sex.

Hermione Granger feels as though she has become Luffy and nami fanfiction lemon of the soiled.

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Involving Setsuna, Konoka and the class of 6A. There is a kind of darkness that no nightmare can dredge from the recesses of the unwounded mind. Destiny Husbands in diapers a Lie by Kihin Ranno.

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