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Skyrim would why saying sick who everyone looks


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I just started playing. I'm level 7 and everyone in every town says I look terrible like I'm dying.

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Eep, another Tim the Enchanter avatar!

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You can cure it by using any Mom feminizing son or using a cure disease potion. Just use the cure disease potion which should be in your inventory if its not go get it!!!

[question] why does everyone keep saying i look sick?

He too has a Tim the Enchanter avatar although his avatar should really look like this:. Neriad13 Premium Member. Skyrim Forums.

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Arcadia in Whiterun is especially fond of mentioning it, probably to boost her potion sales. Everywhere i go people Wife goes down on friend telling me "you look sick are you sure you should be home in bed?

Shopkeepers are good at telling you you're 'looking peeky' or 'looking a bit pale', even when there's no reason why it should be.

Who sells cure disease skyrim?

It's not a dialogue indicator that you actually have a disease. His forum name is Adam Warlock. Anything in red is a Castle story fortune teller, and if you have caught something, quaff a Cure Disease potion, and all should be well. Like x 1.

You look sick she said

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Dagmar Defender of the Bunnies of Skyrim. My gosh, I thought you were Adam too.

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Note that Arcadia, the apothecary in Whiterun, will often comment that you look ill but she is just trying to push her potions on you. Like x 1 Winner x 1. Show Ignored Content.

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I'm starting to get concerned. Regardless anytime someone says your sick besides that chick in whiterun it always means disease.

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It means you have a disease. If you look at your active effects in your magic window you should see it in red.