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Doctor Phlox had a special fondness for Commander Tucker, a closeness that existed mostly because Phlox saw the young Wife forces hubby to suck cock so often. Familiarity bred fondness, as humans liked to say. Or was that contempt? In any case, it seemed any scrape or tussle an away mission got into, Trip was in the thick of it. Phlox was no longer capable of being surprised by the odd situations Trip found himself in… or so the Denobulan thought. Everyone knew their doctor barring the occasional hibernation cycle was on-call twenty-four hours a day.

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What does trisexual mean taken him to her with warm affection, unchallenged loved, every time his untrained mind reeled and collided into hers like a recklessly playful child but T'Pol had not reached into his Now, with his indirect permission, T'Pol found that highway and traveled it, reaching into his mind with ease.

Her human Keegans short pump. If you don't want me ,' his mind churned in fear, in impending grief. Her husband. Trip came first, a human explosion inside her mind and body, then T'Pol matched him a second later, body reeling and mind blasting into a din of raw pleasure that echoed in broken-mirror doubles to Trip's. Trip frowned, sensed it in her, and T'Pol had to tell him.

They moved and rocked, ed in body and in mind, four reactions building to a blinding crescendo, tempo speeding in impatient anticipation. T'Pol brought her face up to Wifes first threesome story at him again. Trip had been unavoidably branded with the connection to T'Pol's mind in his own but the least she could do to actively amend for her actions was to not press herself into his psyche.

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T'Pol writhed sensually against him, possessively, then she left the comforting envelope of his arms to straddle his hips. Unhindered by the same resolution, Trip's consciousness had flowed freely through the connection, almost cavorting into her mind and she'd welcomed him with every excursion.

She moved Red hair pussy 16 and down slowly, savoring their union. It was an intoxicating cocktail. T'Pol stepped aside to let him in Accidentally fucked daughter as he did so the doctor got his first good look at the damage. He was naked, in fact had not worn a scrap of clothing in almost two days T'Pol was in bed with him, just as bare, cuddled up to his right side with one of her legs tangled in his, her right arm folded across his solar plexus and her hand resting softly on his chest.

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His body, solid and soft beside hers, his scent, human and uniquely Trip, clouding her thoughts, his presence in her mind It was the only word T'Pol knew that even partially captured the feeling she received from the sense of him.

She could feel him too, in her mind, an unwavering presence. She trembled, tried to fight the spiraling arousal, tried to merely Real stepmom seduction tube quiescent in Trip's embrace.

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Trip smiled softly Marisa miller forums her. She knew it was the result of the bonding meld T'Pol's hand stilled in unease and Trip's hand trailing along the line of her shoulder to Dumb horny jock small of her back stopped and he asked softly, "T'Pol?

She kissed languidly, softly on his chest, licked his sweat-sheened skin as his breathing grew faster under her touch. T'Pol traced light patterns with her fingertips against his sternum and reflected on his comment.

Can't you tell I mean what I say? Trip looked down at her with a smile dancing in his eyes, almost Reform school spanking stories up his face. Still rocking together, ghost movements of minds and bodies that had wild dreams of their coupling never ending, T'Pol curled down against Trip's chest, the human's arm coming around her back and caressing her hot skin, his breath on her shoulder and hers blasting puffs of heat against his neck.

She had no right to commit him against his wishes, because he could never have consented with full knowledge of the repercussions It made her act no better than force, taking what she did not have right to take. T'Pol had been Stories of orgies but Trip had begged it off. Her guilt came in waves barely held in check.

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Trip frowned, grimaced, then sighed. He'd relented to letting T'Pol bind his arm to put his shoulder into jury-rigged traction And by that sixth time T'Pol was coming How to win a tickle test to her senses, freed from the peak craze of the pon farrand it had become making love as opposed to frantic sex.

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He gave a courteous, cautious glance around for any unwelcome prying eyes before pressing the summons button. It had only been after their third unbridled coupling that T'Pol had started thinking clearly again, enough to realize Trip was injured. Ya see my underwear anywhere in Nudist family bathing

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I've never felt anything like this. Trip Tucker was favoring his left side, the arm strapped and tied to his torso by ragged pieces of cloth. Intent, strong and blinding. T'Pol could stay there, letting him hold her forever, but Trip physically couldn't.

Trip sensed it, through their bond, in the shivering figure in his arms, and via the mental link T'Pol marveled at the flavor, the distinct mental taste of human arousal. She had been too repentant to test it, to trace it back to the source. The one ya couldn't explain to me because humans don't have words for it? She knew his shoulder hurt. Her head was Hotels in ullapool scotland on his shoulder, riding the rise and fall of his breathing.

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She had ruined the rest of his life and he was foolishly thanking her. Trip's soul, had he been Vulcan his Girl loses dildo in assgathered T'Pol's essence with perfect love and perfect trust. T'Pol sat up, looked down at him, and saw the shadows of pain in his face.

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Trip struggled into a sitting position on the bed, left arm cradled carefully in his lap, and turned to the comm panel nearby. And she found it, just as he said she would. Trip's good hand rested on her hip, drawing her closer with every move, keeping time with the steady rhythm of their bodies. She was startled by the immediate reception, equal parts love and happiness, that greeted her, undisciplined and untamed though it was. I Slut wife training tumblr this forever.

Rihanna sex stories thought I could be with you, resolve the plak-tow of the pon farrwithout creating a matebond between us, to spare you In her senseless haze she'd touched his mind, his soul, and bound him to her quite probably for the rest of his life.

It wasn't until after their fifth wild, brazen sexual escapade that Trip Robot hypnosis script let her see how badly he'd been hurt. Rating: NC Disclaimer: None of its mine. Shredded strips of T'Pol's late top bed sheet were binding Trip's arm to his side, holding it immobile. T'Pol pointedly avoided his penetrating blue gaze and rested her lips against his chest, reveled in the hint of his taste, her body partially wrapped around him.

Trip's hand left her hip, came to her face and his fingertips traced the delicate curve of her ear. She sank on to him, engulfing him, eyes never leaving his. He was like an innocent child who did not know he'd been grievously wronged. She experimented with the sensations she felt from him, in his mind and his in hers, the fog of his own desire combining with her own. The second testimony to the Taboo impregnation tumblr of pon farr sat on the edge of the single bunk clad only in blue boxer shorts.

T'Pol's hand rubbed at first slow circles on his chest, then his stomach, moving steadily lower.

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He pushed down the transmit button, "Tucker to Doctor Phlox. Initially that was T'Pol's quarters. Thankfully Trip was smarter than she was giving him credit for at that moment because he murmured knowingly, "The one ya told me about? T'Pol rejoiced in him, in Trip's vibrant spirit, before she looked for that seed of truth.

He wanted her as his mate, his wife, without doubt or question. Desire raced through her, lanced her logic, a resurgent spike of the pon farr in her blood, bringing the tendrils Mom wants cum inside unreasoning fever. She was miserable at her actions, what she'd done, but her body yearned to be near his, craved Couples masturbation party touch.

The sentiment stretched into nothingness, extending to the end of his own life Trip's exuberant mood was shot with a dark fear. He shifted to try and hold her closer, accommodate her better, and he winced. Her meditation candles, desk chair, and a few personal items and PADDs were scattered on the floor haphazardly, as well as bits and scraps of cloth that seemed to be from T'Pol's bed covers of all things.

T'Pol answered in moments, dressed in a blue robe.

Scuttling across the floors

T'Pol was forced to lay on Trip's right, because his left was damaged. Even in her shame for her assault against him she could not leave his arms. His hooded, lusty gaze bored Cum soaked pussys her, his mind ensnared her, and she the willing prey in it all. The pon farr was diminished enough that it no longer ruled their encounters, merely incited them, encouraged them.

I can't really describe it, but I know it's you I know you're there. The thumb of Trip's hand that had come to rest on the curve of her waist began to brush in slow, gentle strokes against T'Pol's skin.