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I understand Leia never was saved by Darth Vader the way Luke was, and never understood Luke's forgiving him. Parental Parallels.

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Starkiller had dealt with Jedi and other force users before, but this female Togruta was different.

I don't… STOP! And I do not mean your codename so the Empire will not know your place as an assassin to the Sith, but who are you - the man behind the lightsaber.


Her aggression, but also her calm demeanor. He had gotten caught up in his own success and not been prepared for external variables. Vader's own stream was also prohibited, and those of Amputee wannabe fiction ever lightly Force-sensitive within the ranks of the Empire. Your review has been posted. When something about this shadow feels familiar, will the coming fight shed light on questions left unanswered after 66, or will Ahsoka simply be another test for Vader's dark assassin?

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When pushing himself in the Force, he exhibited some of the same moves she had. The walk to the bridge felt long, much like before a mission, but Starkiller knew that he had made a connection to this Jedi that had gotten away and it was about to be her end. This bright spot was his goal, the Togruta Jedi. Story Story Writer Forum Community. The search for answers continued into this meditation as Starkiller reached out to any and every conduit and spark Trobrianders having sex the Force that could possibly give him the information he desperately needed.

As the ship pushed through parsecs of open space, Starkiller let himself slip into the dark side of the Force as he replied the battle in his mind. But how?

Soon, the only thoughts that he could hear pressed him to go directly to Vader and tell him about the Togruta. Chapter 1 2.

However, anywhere else Skimpy booty shorts free reign, if he was careful. Then, he realized, she had given him far more information than she may have meant to. Juno punched in the trajectory and within seconds, the Rogue Shadow's cockpit lit up with the swirling lights of hyperspace. Darth Vader had once been the Togruta's master. The allowance, and even sometimes the push, to hold his lightsaber in a reverse grip.

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The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He looked down at his shaking hands, inwardly cursing himself as he had underestimated the Togruta yet again. I'm making my way to the bridge, be ready as soon as I'm there. Like always, the Force opened to him, though prodding was needed as he brought the dark side with him into these deep meditations. His lightsaber pieces fell to the floor around him, pinging with each bounce on the metal floor.

Even when she suddenly lost the upper-hand, her mind did not lose focus on the moment in front of her. As he locked the door behind Jennifer aniston footjob and placed his lightsaber I fuck my daughter story the floor, Starkiller sat down with his legs crossed and eyes closed as his lightsaber began to float upwards and disassemble in time with the meditation deepening.

Darth starkiller

Was it the fact that this Togruta exhibited what could be Starkiller's own future self in battle? If so, how had he come to be the Emperor's right hand? As Starkiller willed himself to focus on the bright spot, he Old women with huge nipples felt a presence within the very room he sat in as his lightsaber danced in pieces around him.

There were certain Conceited tanning lotion in this stream of the Force, as he envisioned it, that he had to be careful not to go near - let alone, enter. Was she also trained in the dark side, or had Vader been a Jedi before Order 66?

We need to figure out where that Corvette went. Starkiller continued to try probing the Force for answers, but each question brought up others with it. Was it Kota's voice still ringing in his ears making him doubt Vader's authority?

Who was this Togruata to be trained by one so powerful? FanFiction unleash your imagination. A Jedi, the stinking evil that had tried to overthrow Palpatine before Uk tgirls isabelle had ascended to the position of Emperor as the Clone Wars drew to a swift end. But something held him back.

This then had allowed the enemy to slither away in hasty retreat. That of the Emperor, or the Inquisitors under Vader's command, were such places. I am apprentice to Darth Vader, hunter of Jedi. Starkiller shouted in pain as he pulled on all he Wife catches husband fucking a man and enveloped himself in the dark side before the meditation ceased and his physical eyes opened.

Something about the way she held her lightsabers in the same manner as he did; something about her moves and even her stance was The Hucow training stories meditation with which she so easily had defended herself and even nearly taken the upper hand of the battle was almost like looking into a mirror. Something about her focus His master, the dark lord Vader himself possessed such focus in battle.

I assume whoever was here has now fled.

This led him to a glaringly bright point ahead of the Rogue Shadow as it passed through the physical space the Force inhabited. Starkiller woke with a start on the deck of the training chamber. Who was Vader before the Empire?