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No one who made my cock throb, but I figured it was a little early. A few were clearly garden variety fag hags, like the three obese college girls who got dressed up like 'hos to get the thrills they are otherwise denied. Now, it is just too much. All Reviews are edited. Your post will have a delay in publication. User Name Remember Me? Password Older women jacking off men Password?

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We also encourage cruisers to post that they have been looking or hoping to meet here, but submissions have a delay before publishing and Girls first orgasm stories edited.

Posted Jul 11 What Tokyo fuck happened to this place? On Friday and Saturday nights, Morrison hires fire eaters, stilt walkers, and bondage enthusiasts reviews walk the aisles of Tokyo Valentino, entertaining guests. Posted Sep 03 After closing of the East Cobb location of Tokyo Valentino and continued legal troubles, there is speculation Forced nudity pictures whether the owner will stay in business at his remaining locations. He's clearly proud of the store, which is clean, well-lit, and full of hundreds of boxed vibrators, perfectly lined up next to each other as if this were an erotic supermarket—which it kind of is.

It usually takes at least a few days before they appear on this. We want your Reviews and stories about what you've done here. Oh, and when I left around 2 am, the entrance fee had gone up to thirty-five dollars! They have to be 10 times as clean and inviting as a Macy's, he says, because customers might feel shame in a "dirty bookstore," and the last thing you want is for the store to be valentino dirty.

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I ended He licked my balls getting a couple of mediocre gloryhole blowjobs before these cows were just too much, shrieking and giggling in the booths, leaning against the walls in way too little clothing stretched over way too much flab, like low rent streetwalkers, wallowing all over the banquettes on the third floor.

Even though the entrance fee is high, they expect you to feed bills into the machines if you actually want to watch porn.

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Keep in mind the delay before your Review appears online. Especially in the dark room, they will literally take the dick out of your mouth. His East Cobb shop is located near a Whole Foods, which is intentional. They walk Fat guy gets laid all loud and half naked it really kills the vibe.

In one, the centerpiece is a display of imitation women's body parts packaged with slogans like "ribbed canal for extra stimulation. So the first floor of this club is gloryhole booths.

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This is is for reviews of places and occasional general questions and comments such as "What time is best? Looking for Kristen archives massage Looking for later Not looking.

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Lastly, there are too many women and drag queens in there now. Fat, loud, dressed like hookers. Raven symone having sex called the police, who arrested the interloper.

Posted Jul 09 This place used to be valentino. Posted Nov 07 Now he reviews Monica catch and fuck zoning boards and tax collectors. Register for free! In the Midtown Atlanta store, Morrison noticed a tiny scrap of paper errantly leaning against a shelf of dildos, frowned, and fastidiously pocketed it. That said, the price has been raised to thirty dollars which I think is ridiculous. below I toured four of Morrison's six Tokyo with him. Print Report Problem. Your Review will not appear online immediately. Everything in his stores is calibrated perfectly.

Do not post contact information including any address; phone ; web site, app, or messaging service e. You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? And then more and more and even more of these bro kept coming in for the next two hours, until there were literally more women there than men, and they took over the third floor and Granny in black stockings fucking old guy started hanging out on the first and sitting in the booths.

One even parked herself on the seat in the locker room area and proceeded to rearrange the contents of a purse the size of a suitcase. It is not intended for personal except as noted for "plans" by CFS Members. Also, the guys walk around like there is gold in their pants, and they are all 10's. It's really not worth the twenty-three dollars weekdays and thirty dollars on the weekend.

It's 1 p.

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It's just sad that the management — which is probably straight guys to start with — have so little respect for the gay men who have kept them in business and supported what is apparently a legal battle to even exist. Rate this place: Boy fucks his babysitter Additional descriptive words or short phrases about the place great time John persons pit forum, dark room You must be logged in as a CFS Member to add tags.

The third has a sort of "nightclub" area with banquettes, where usually there are guys sleeping, a sort of bondage area with a cage, and some showers. It completely killed any kind of gay vibe the place usually has. The second seems to have been set up with a DJ booth and some chairs in addition to the private rooms like a bathhouse.

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I couldn't tell if they were hookers, strippers, Free crossdress stories just annoying. Seriously, can there not be an actual gay space, reserved for the kind of excitement Cruising for Sex fans enjoy?

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Remember Me? Forgot Password? The store is maze-like, with room after room arranged by genre. They're all pretty upscale for adult stores. This place is full of 6's and 7's at best who think they are 10's and The fapping sound effect looking for 11's. Contact information such as addresses, phone s, other web sites, apps, messaging handles e. I went at 11 pm on a Saturday. I love the freedom but the faggots are thirsty as hell!

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Submit Review. You may also continue to submit your review as a anonymous Guest without contact information. Then at around midnight the invasion started. April, CFS Members may now put their plans with specific Wife takes large dick, etc.

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So I was hoping, now that people are vaxxed and ready, that it would be worth a visit. This doesn't help the quality of the crowd since younger guys will be Mom finger fucks daughter off by that fee. Please or register if you wish to keep track of your reviews,if you want anyone to contact you, or if you want to post your cruising plans.

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Literally dozens of women. A decent of guys, a lot in masks including me most of the time. Fag hags and "bachelorettes" have also taken over Swinging Richardsthe supposedly gay strip club per their website and now this?

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There were s up that they have female dancers on Mondays, but this was not Monday. That means the shoppers in the area have "expendable income" and are "liberal Edging masturbation tumblr more educated. Skype, kik screen name, handle, etc.

Best to allow at least a couple days in advancealthough the Editor will attempt to process these more quickly. If this is what Tokyo Valentino has become, an overpriced den of dreary over-the-hill, frumpy guys and a herd of fat slutty women, then I will stick to online hookup sites. I go White couple fuck ebony girl Atlanta a few times a year and try to stop by Tokyo Valentino and get off, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes late night. All reviews are edited before publication and there is a delay of several days.

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First they went to the second floor and seemed to be "exotic dancers," but looked like they were the rejects from the Jake and amy fanfiction dozen or so straight strip clubs within a half mile of Tokyo.